Things I learned by fasting for four days

  • If you’re going to do an extended fast and don’t want constant headaches, cramps and heart palpitations, you should have a plan to get some salt and other electrolytes.
  • Nobody who talks about fasting says enough about electrolytes. Anyone who writes about fasting should be forced to talk about electrolytes at the very top.
  • You will drop a tremendous amount of weight while fasting. Nearly all of it is water. It’s normal to regain most of that weight when you start eating again.
  • Plan to sleep more. My normal afternoon sleepiness turned into a powerful need to take a long afternoon nap.
  • If you’re not hungry, you don’t have to eat. If you are hungry, you still don’t have to eat.
  • If you’re not hungry but you still want to eat, you shouldn’t.
  • Meal times are negotiable. A set meal time is a habit your body gets into, nothing more.
  • Hunger can be an experience which goes away if you ignore it.
  • Starting to eat again was great, but sadly my first meal didn’t blow my mind with the intensity of the flavour.
  • You can forget what it’s like to feel full. By the end of your fast, you’ll remember.