Go ahead and walk in the rain


I love the rain. I love walking in it. I love feeling like the world wants me to rush, to cover up, to get inside. I love not doing it.

It’s a practice in meditation, really. Set aside the way you’ve been conditioned to feel about the rain. It’s just drops of water in the air. Drops of water can’t hurt you. Rain isn’t a corrosive chemical which will damage your skin if you walk in it. It doesn’t fall so fast that it bruises or cuts you. It isn’t so loud that it hurts your ears. It doesn’t shout insults at you or steal your stuff. What are you so afraid of?

Take a minute to walk through it and focus on how it feels. Wet. Cold. That’s it. Have you ever been cold and wet before? You made it through, right? You’re okay now? Maybe you will be this time, too.

Take a deep breath and defy your baser instincts. It’s good for you.