Fragile habits


I think my habit formation muscle might be broken.

I know the whole habit formation loop: cue, routine, reward. I know you have to maintain the habit for a certain amount of time before it will truly stick. I know how to chain habits and cue them off of each other, and tie them to things I already do in my life.

I don’t seem to be able to make them stick. All it takes is one bad day, one day where I’m sick or unhappy and it’s all over. On days like that I will skip my whole life if I can get away with it. And then my positive routines go up in smoke.

I wish I had advice to give here. I wouldn’t know what to say to someone who’s in this position. It seems like some habits are just fragile. It seems like sometimes it’s hard to make them stick. Maybe it’s not the right thing for you right now. Maybe something else needs to change first. Maybe you just need to try again, one more time. Maybe you need some time off and not to be so hard on yourself.

It’s confusing and hard. So I try to remind myself that you can make an awful lot of change by only moving an inch at a time. Sometime that means moving forward a few feet and then sliding back almost all the way.