Practice empathy


Interviewing for jobs became a different experience after I learned to conduct interviews.

Now I can see the situation from their perspective. Instead of being nervous, I can analyze their technique. I have opinions about whether they’re asking good questions. If I feel like I’m giving bad answers or it’s not going well, I have much more insight into why.

I’m no longer in a disadvantaged position because I know what it’s like for them. I can empathize with the interviewer, instead of feeling like they’re firing questions at me out of a black box. It helps me not take things personally. I can relax and have fun with it.

Empathizing with the people who make me uncomfortable helps defuse my negative emotions nine times out of ten. It takes focus and intent, which makes it hard to do in the thick of the situation, but it’s worth it.

Imagine what their day must be like. Imagine their week. Do they seem happy? What’s happened in their life recently that they’re struggling with? There’s something. Everyone has something.

It’s right there, if you want to look.