Meditation is a wonderful habit. It’s easy, free, noticeably improves your life and anyone can learn to do it. If you try it for any length of time and don’t think it improves your life, I promise the people around you have noticed.

The reason we don’t do it is the same reason we struggle with exercise and diet. It feels like a lot of work for delayed gratification.

The problem is psychology. It’s easy to rationalize it as important. It’s not as easy to get the message to your subconscious.

Find a way to enjoy the process itself, and these tough habits get easier to stick with. Exercise is easier to stick with when you’re playing a game. Dieting is easier when you do it with a group.

Meditation is easier if you enjoy it too. So light a scented candle, or cuddle with a pet, or take a few minutes to yourself to wind down from your day before you go to sleep.

The benefits are huge, and the barriers are too. It will help if you go in prepared for them.