You won't know until you test


The main thing I’ve learned from working with agile software frameworks for years is that it’s easy to take it too far.

People are ferocious about Following The Rules. “The system says we have to do things a certain way! We have to do it that way or we’re not doing the right thing!” That’s true! If we’re getting bad results, we should change it anyway.

Who cares about the rules? I want results.

There’s no such thing as a system which works well for everyone, at all times, in all circumstances. At best what you have is a set of guidelines. Pick and choose and measure and experiment and change and experiment again. Keep an eye on what’s happening, not what’s supposed to happen.

That’s true in agile software but also diets, workouts, investing, productivity, relationships. There’s no right answer. All there is is advice, and what works and what doesn’t.

You’re an independent person. Use your initiative. The worst reason to stick with something that’s not working is that the rules say you should.