There has to be such a thing as enough


You know what was really tragic about Avengers: Infinity War? There’s no way for Thanos to be happy.

People get this idea that they’re not happy, so they just need to do/be/have that one more thing. A bigger house, or a great vacation, or a promotion, or to wipe out half the universe. And that will make them happy.

But it doesn’t. It doesn’t for anybody. We achieve all of our wildest dreams and a few scant months later we’re miserable again. We convince ourselves we need just one more thing. But it won’t help either.

If you’re not happy now, more will not make you happy. If you’re not satisfied with what you have, adding to it will not help as much as you think.

Of all the fundamental truths about psychology, this one might be the most annoying to hear, the easiest to dismiss, and the most life-altering to apply.