No, it's not perfect


Sometimes I wish I didn’t have feelings. I wish I was a 1950s dude, in a smart suit and tie with slicked-back hair and a robotic detachment from the feelings of others and myself. Out there doing whatever the fuck I want to and forcing the world to deal with the consequences. Letting it all build up until the repression and sociopathy boil over and I scream and tear a hole in the wall or rob a bank or buy a car I can’t afford and run to another country and assume a new identity and no one will ever find me because it’s 1950 and it’s still hard to track people down.

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Reinvent the wheel (or not)


Are you out to reinvent the wheel? Or is it worth learning from the people who went first? Both are fine, but you should be clear which one you’re going to work on. It’ll make starting a hell of a lot easier and more fulfilling if you start from the right place.

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When all else fails


When all else fails, there are still a million things you haven’t tried yet. Think of one and try it. Maybe it’ll unstick you.

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Stop caring


There’s almost never a really good reason to care about what someone else thinks. And the less you know a person, the less reason there is to care.

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Very recent gratitude


What are you grateful for? List five things that have happened in the last five minutes that you can be grateful for. Don’t be surprised if this is hard to do, but stick with it. By the end, you’ll feel a little better.

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Golden rule


When in doubt, take care of yourself first. You won’t be much good to others if you have nothing left.

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Do they actually happen for a reason?


I don’t actually believe things happen for a reason - not in the cosmic sense. Maybe you disagree strongly, and that’s okay - I have no evidence that I’m right and am willing to concede the point if it’s that important to you. I bring it up now because I’ve claimed before that some things happen for a reason. What gives?

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Nobody else in the world is as responsible for where your life is right now as you are. And even if that’s not true, nobody else in the world can possibly be as responsible for changing it as you are.

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An inch per day


One tiny thing per day is all it takes. It’s hard to remember because tiny things feel so insignificant. But it’s enough. All you have to do is move forward one inch per day.

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