Do more


When giving feedback, focus more on what’s right than what’s wrong unless you can be very specific about next steps and corrective action. It’s easy to find someone to tell you what you’re doing wrong. There’s always something wrong and people aren’t shy about saying what it is. What’s rare is learning what you should be doing more of.

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Take matters into your own hands whenever possible. If you care about something, it’s a solid bet that few other people will care about it as much as you do.

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One at a time


You’ll find the strength in the moment. That’s the only place that strength can be. You might be running a marathon, but a marathon is just a series of steps. You don’t need to do the whole race at once. You just need to take each step, one after the other.

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You're doing it


Marginal improvement is better than no improvement at all. It’s something to celebrate! Things are getting better. You’re getting better. Way to go. You’re doing it!

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Hard to say


A little while ago, I sat on the porch, eight feet from my mother. She looked into the distance and said “You know, this quarantine, I think it’s good for people. People are staying home, learning new hobbies, they’re cooking more. I think it’s been good.”

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When you go out of your way to try to help, sometimes you get burned. Try not to take it personally. Try not to take it out on them. Sometimes you can’t help, and trying will only make things worse. Hold forgiveness and compassion in your heart.

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The wrong door


Closing the wrong door may not be as useful as opening the right one, but it’s a step in the right direction. At least you’ve narrowed down the doors.

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